New Animal Shelter, Tow Yard, Dog Park Relocation


Strategic Priority #1: Community Livability and Social Equity 


As New Westminster grows, so does the need for infrastructure essential to provision of municipal services. The New Westminster Animal Shelter in Queensborough plays an important role in providing refuge for animals without a home. The current facility was constructed in 1986 and is no longer is conducive to disease containment and proper housing given the number of animals received by the City.  A new animal shelter designed to accommodate best practices in animal welfare will be constructed in tandem with a new City tow yard and community off-leash dog area. The animal shelter and tow yard will be co-located to ensure that the City of New Westminster is able to respond to the needs of our growing community.  Public consultation in 2017 helped to inform the preferred location of a new community off-leash dog area.


Schematic design completed and development application has been submitted. Project currently on budget and overall project is on schedule.


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