Massey Theatre


Strategic Priority #3: Arts and Culture

Strategic Priority #4: Catalyst Project


As plans progress for the construction of a new Secondary School (NWSS), the City of New Westminster continues to work in collaboration with the School District and the Ministry of Education to advance the high school project. It is intended that the City will obtain ownership of the Massey Theatre after the new high school is built. 


Council has approved resolution to retain the Massey Theatre based on Ministry and School District gifting land and theatre to the City. Initiation of renovations for theatre is tied to construction schedule for NWSS.

Ministry approved funding for new secondary school on June 7, 2016, construction is underway and the planned opening is in Fall 2020.

School site construction will be in two phases. The first phase is to construct a new school, new access roads and parking, the second phase will remove the existing school, memorialize former burial sites and provide additional parking and enhanced pedestrian and Greenway connections. A Memorialization Advisory Committee with School District, City and community stakeholder representation has been convened and is developing recommendations for the memorialization of the site.


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