Whistle Cessation


Strategic Priority #1: Community Livability and Social Equity


Trains have been a part of New Westminster since 1886, moving goods and freight from around the world while at the same time playing a crucial role in the City’s economy.

As New Westminster has grown, the whistling of trains traversing through has created conflicts with residential areas and impacted local quality of life. To address this, the City has been working with the railways on a whistle cessation plan which involves necessary upgrades to railway crossings to strike a balance between the need to ensure safety for road users and residents’ peace and quiet.


Whistle cessation work is continuing across the City. Cessation in place at Downtown Crossings at Begbie Street and 4th Street, with partial overnight cessation achieved at the 20th Street crossing. Notices are to be posted for cessation at Port Royal crossing. Detailed designs are currently being done for the Ewen Avenue and Furness Street and the Derwent Way and Salter Street crossings.  Cumberland Street safety audit information has been sent to the railways for review and currently being amended with railway comments. An MOU has been finalized with Southern Railway of BC (SRY) and work is proceeding on the designs for the Ewen Avenue crossings. Signalization of the CP crossing on Braid Street is complete. CP gates at Braid Street crossing have been installed and are operational.


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