Environment Strategy


Strategic Priority #4: Environmental Leadership


In the past, the City has developed, implemented and revised a number of environmental bylaws and policies that respond to local, regional and provincial requirements or policy directions. Although these policies have addressed a broad range of environmental issues, there was an opportunity to improve the implementation of these policies and a number of additional policy areas that could be addressed more fully. The new Environment Strategy and Action Plan (ESAP) is intended to identify and systematically respond to the full range of local and global environmental issues and support the environmental directions of Envision 2032, the City’s sustainability framework, and the City’s endorsement of the Blue Dot Declaration. The ESAP includes a list of priority areas and actions with timelines and potential budgets for the implementation of each action.


Engineering staff is preparing a survey of the commercial sector to determine their needs and requirements for commercial recycling and organics collection that will be circulated through the Chamber of Commerce.  Staff is also reviewing the equipment and staff resource requirements of the Solid Waste and Recycling Branch that would be needed to support expansion of the City's existing Commercial Recycling and Organics collection services. The Solid Waste Utility Budget, which Council passed in 2018, approves Engineering procuring additional collection equipment and recruiting an additional FTE, in order to support the growth and successful operation of the City's existing Commercial Recycling and Organics collection services.


New Westminster's Environmental Strategy and Action Plan