Economic Development Strategy


Strategic Priority #2: Vibrant Economy


To grow a sustainable, livable and prosperous community, the City of New Westminster is making purposeful efforts to foster an environment that supports business, draws employment, and encourages improved living standards.  Through the development of an updated strategy, the City is taking a long term approach to economic development by building upon the 2008 Livable City Strategy and establishing new policies and targets based on 20 year sector-specific data and projections. Work on the strategy commenced in Fall 2016 and includes consultation with the business community and local organizations.  The strategy also complements other policy work underway, ensuring efficient and effective progress is made to benefit business, investors and residents of New Westminster alike.


Draft goals, strategies and actions have been developed and were adopted by Council on February 18, 2018. It is anticipated a draft plan will be presented to Council in the second half of 2018.


New Westminster's Economic Development Plan, Future Forward

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