Social Equity Policy


Strategic Priority #1: Community Livability and Social Equity


The City of New Westminster is committed to creating an accessible, caring, inclusive, safe, supportive and welcoming community for all its citizens. The dividends that result from the collective efforts on this front will benefit everyone, as social capital is built and contributions made to the prosperity and quality of life in the City. As an established leader in the area of social planning, the City has made great strides to date, initiating policies, plans and strategies that support social equity in the community. To build on these successes, a social equity lens and directional document will be developed to inform both new corporate initiatives and existing processes that will include guideposts and metrics for providing civic leaders with a clear direction as to how the City is working to create a socially equitable community bolstered by opportunities for all.


The development of the Social Equity Policy has been delayed due to the prioritization of homelessness and housing-related initiatives. It is anticipated that some work will continue on the policy with regard to specific actions and it is anticipated that work on completing the policy will re-commence in mid-2018 or early-2019.


New Westminster's Social Policy and Planning