Arts Commission

Chair: Councillor Mary Trentadue

Meetings: Bi-monthly (the first Thursday).  For more detailed information, please see the committee schedule.

Mandate: The purpose of the Commission is to guide the City in overall decision making concerning arts and where appropriate, making recommendations to Council.  The role of the Arts Commission is to advise Council on criteria for the annual disbursement of funding for arts, encourage creativity, excellence and inclusive diversity in the artistic life of New Westminster, support New Westminster’s arts organizations in both their achievements and challenges, advise on the provision of facilities for the creation and presentation of arts in New Westminster and encourage opportunities for all New Westminster residents and visitors to enjoy and participate in arts activities.  The Arts Commission fulfills its role by liaising with those organizations and bodies which assist in the arts activity, developing and recommending priorities for planning and managing arts facilities and identifying the needs of New Westminster arts organizations that require operating space, identifying additional sources of funding opportunities, facilitating and assisting in arts projects or events within the City as requested and, with Council’s approval, setting out an annual work plan and budget in accordance with the City’s budget cycle.

For more information regarding the mandate of the Arts Commission, please see the Terms of Reference.

Contact:   I 604-515-3782

Canada Day Sub-Committee

This is a sub-committee of the Arts Commission and has been tasked with coordinating Canada Day in Queen’s Park.

Arts Strategy Task Force

The new Arts Strategy (2017-2022) will replace the existing Art Strategy to reflect the cultural growth of the City. Since adopting the existing Arts Strategy in 2008, there has been a great deal of cultural development in New Westminster. The City’s Cultural Services department was established, the Anvil Centre opened, a Public Art Policy was adopted and many ambitious cultural projects realized. In order to continue developing the arts and creating new cultural opportunities that reflect the growth of the City, we need a new plan that will guide us into the future. The purpose of the Art Strategy is to create a clear cultural path that will make our community more desirable place to live, work, play and create.  An Arts Strategy Task Force, made up of dedicated community members who are stakeholders in the cultural fabric of the city, was formed to guide the process. To find put more about the Art Strategy, its progress and to receive information about upcoming community consultations, please click here and sign up to the mailing list:

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