Board of Variance

Meetings: The last Thursday of each month. For detailed information, please see the committee schedule.

Mandate: The Board of Variance is a quasi-judicial board which consists of five members appointed by Council. The Board of Variance is established pursuant to the Local Government Act which allows the board to consider variances which are, in the opinion of the board, both minor and cause the applicant hardship if required to conform to zoning requirements.

Variances can be granted respecting bylaw requirements for the siting, dimensions, or size of buildings. The board can also issue variances where regulations prohibiting structural changes in a non-conforming building or requiring services upon subdivision may result in an undue hardship. A person may make an application for a variance to the Board only if the application of these general regulations to their particular site would impose a hardship and would be considered minor. The Board of Variance cannot vary the use or density on any site. The Board of Variance functions independently from City Council. For more information please review the following:

Additional Information for Applicants:

Contact: | 604-527-4532


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2017 Board of Variance Hearings

February 3, 2017 (Re-scheduled from Jan. 27, 2017) Application

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