Multiculturalism Advisory Committee

Chair: Councillor Chinu Das

Meetings: Bi-Monthly (the third Wednesday). For detailed information please see the committee schedule.

Mandate: The Multiculturalism Advisory Committee will fulfil its purpose by:

  • Ensuring that the City is a leader in the area of multiculturalism and race relations;
  • Fostering an awareness about and understanding of the City’s multicultural population;
  • Initiating and facilitating discussions around existing and emerging multicultural issues;
  • Liaising with other levels of government to address multicultural issues;
  • Acting as a conduit for feedback from cultural communities on civic matters affecting them;
  • Encouraging and facilitating civic events that celebrate multiculturalism and social inclusion;
  • Supporting groups/organizations that are developing projects to assist cultural communities;
  • Identifying barriers that restrict citizen engagement in civic affairs and community life;
  • Addressing concerns around discrimination and racism;
  • Reviewing and providing input to Council regarding the City’s Multicultural Policy;
  • Addressing multicultural items and matters as directed by Council.

For more information regarding the mandate of the Multiculturalism Advisory Committee please see the Terms of Reference.

Contact: I 604-515-3782

2021 Committee Meetings

February 17 Agenda Package Minutes
April 21 Agenda Package Minutes
June 16 Agenda Package Minutes
September 8 Agenda Package Minutes
November 10

Agenda Package

On-Table Presentation


2020 Committee Meetings

February 19 Agenda Package Minutes
April 15 No Meeting
June 17 No Meeting
September 16 No Meeting
November 18 No Meeting

2019 Committee Meetings

February 20 Agenda Package Minutes
April 17 Agenda Package Minutes
June 11 Agenda Package Minutes
September 18 Agenda Package Minutes
November 20 Agenda Package Minutes

Please view the Minutes Archives for Minutes prior to 2019.