Facilities, Infrastructure and Public Realm Advisory Committee

Chair: Councillor Patrick Johnstone

Meetings: Bi-Monthly (the third Thursday). For detailed information please see the committee schedule.

Mandate: This Committee's role is to ensure all major projects incorporate high standards of project delivery and measures to mitigate impact on climate change.
To advocate on behalf of the community:

  • to advance key civic projects;
  • to ensure City projects are universally     accessible and inclusive;
  • in the development of a land management strategy;
  • in the assessment of need and aspirations to inform planning for future facilities, parks, and public realm improvements;
  • on matters related to infrastructure assets for continuous and sustainable service delivery.

To advise Council and the Facilities, Infrastructure and Public Realm Task Force on Facilities, Infrastructure and Public Realm issues referred to the committee for further examination.

For more information regarding the mandate of the Facilities, Infrastructure & Public Realm Advisory Committee please see the Terms of Reference, as adopted by Council on October 28, 2019.

Contact I 604-515-3782


February 20 Agenda Package  
April 16 No Meeting
June 18 No Meeting
September 17 No Meeting
November 19 Agenda Package