Arts, Culture and Economic Development Advisory Committee

Chair: Councillor Ruby Campbell

Council Representative: Councillor Paul Minhas

Meetings: Bi-Monthly (the second Thursday) 

Open to public attendance in Meeting Room G, City Hall.

Committee members may attend electronically.


The Committee will:

• Provide advice, input and support regarding the implementation of Council-endorsed arts, cultural and economic development Strategic Plans, priorities, and other related civic policy and initiatives;

• Provide advice and input on strategies for ongoing and meaningful inclusion to ensure representation of diverse voices and equity in all plans, policies and opportunities brought forward;

• Provide advice and support to staff in regards to programming, engagement and audience development initiatives;

• Provide input on economic sector-based discussion and policy development related to building a strong and resilient local economy;

• Be a voice for the broad needs of the arts community to inform the City’s strategic policies and land use initiatives as required;

• Act as community ambassadors to promote and build awareness for the City's economic development, arts, and culture programs, initiatives and opportunities;

• Provide advice on any emerging challenges and opportunities and act as a link for collaboration between business, and arts and culture community partners.

For more information regarding the mandate of the Arts, Culture and Economic Development Advisory Committee, please see the Terms of Reference.

Contact:  I 604-515-3782

2024 committee meetings

February 8

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April 11

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June 20    
August 8    
October 10    
December 12