COVID-19 Policy & Saftey Plans

Service Activation Information Understanding

Parks and Recreation service activation is subject to a number of regulatory bodies and a few are listed below. In addition, each regulatory authority is determining the way forward and are collaborating with related authorities to ensure success and safety.

As we all travel the path back to a ‘new normal’, it is expected that each authority will be updating their service requirements which will impact how Parks and Recreation services have traditionally been delivered. These changes may be difficult to understand, or follow, but they are necessary to ensure your safety and Parks and Recreation’s compliance with evolving regulations.

We will do our best to provide clear information, as available, so please check back regularly for updates. Please understand that calling or emailing Parks and Recreation will not result in additional information.  

Regulatory Authorities that guide Parks and Recreation Service Delivery

Province of BC and the Provincial Health Officer

British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association

City of New Westminster Council, Bylaws and Policies


Fraser Health Authority & Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Insurance Providers

Provincial Sports Associations including Hockey, Figure Skating, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Gymnastics and Swimming

Canadian Red Cross 

BC Centre for Disease Control & Health Canada

Lifesaving Society BC & Yukonl

Recreation Facilities Association of BC

British Columbia Restaurant and Food Services Association

ViaSport BC




Parks and Recreation COVID-19 Restart Safety Policy and Plans 

Each of our facilities has developed a safety plan to address location or service-specific needs. 

All plans are posted at each recreation facility. 

COVID-19 Safety Policy - Indoor Services (PDF)

Canada Games Pool Safety Plan (PDF)

Centennial Community Centre Safety Plan (PDF)

Century House Safety Plan (PDF)

New West Youth Centre Safety Plan (PDF)

Moody Park Arena Safety Plan (Including Floor rentals) (PDF)

Queen’s Park Arena Safety Plan (Including Floor rentals) (PDF) 

Queen's Park Centennial Lodge Safety Plan & Worksheet (PDF)

Queen's Park Sportsplex Safety Plan (PDF)

Queensborough Community Centre Safety Plan (PDF)

Special Events Safety Plan (PDF)


Participation Requirements Going Forward 

Going forward participation in Parks and Recreation services involve safety measures such as: participant health screening; hand hygiene before, during and after activities; participant sanitation of equipment used; social distancing requirements; defined directions on how participants move through recreation centres; reduced numbers of participants allowed in spaces or services; access controls; restrictions on spaces or equipment (i.e. lockers, washrooms, showers, change rooms, etc.); and restrictions on water fountains or bottle filling stations. Signage will be placed in the recreation centres to help inform you of changes or requirements to participation. Any participants exhibiting symptoms of illness must stay at home.

Participants must agree to and follow all staff direction, posted signage, registration requirements, criteria in the registration confirmation. In addition, Parks and Recreation is required to create a Healthy Participation Policy as well as a COVID-19 Safety Plan and Policy to guide Parks and Recreation services and safety requirements. Please understand that each source of information is designed to meet Provincial Health Officer requirements, as well as numerous other regulatory authorities requirements, all in support of your safety. As COVID-19 evolves, so will the requirements and safety needs.

Healthy Participation Policy (PDF)

COVID-19 Indoor Safety Plan & Policy (PDF) 

Mandatory Mask Requirements