B2B Support

A variety of offers from other businesses to help you.

Programs that have ended have been removed from this list to make for easier reading.

Supplies / Services for Operations

  • Mitchell Press is offering adhesive signs and floor decals on their online shop.
  • Facebook is offering grants and ad credits for businesses with 2-50 employees. Apply here.
  • Local supplier of promotional and branded items, Patterson Brands, now offers imprintable fabric masks
  • Fabric Face Masks - made in Vancouver and available online or locally at Mila and Paige or Game Deals.
  • Metro Vancouver company Westkey Xibita Graphics offers plexiglass shields, floor decals, and other COVID-19 safety items.
  • Savi Marketing Solutions also offers floor decals. Details
  • Signs and other safety items for encouraging safe distancing from ARC (the link is a download page - it is a PDF catalogue) 
  • Longevity Pharmacy is offering bulk order of hand sanitizer to other local businesses


Financial Support / Opportunities


Advertising or Promotion



  • Economic Development Office
    T 604-527-4536