Density Bonus Amenity Zoning

The Local Government Act allows municipalities in British Columbia to permit bonus density in their zoning in exchange for the provision of amenities or affordable housing. This means that in designated zones, a developer can build to higher density if a community amenity contribution is provided to the municipality.

In some zoning districts, land can be developed to a higher density if the amenities specified in the zone are provided. Only development projects in density bonus zones will be eligible for density bonusing. In New Westminster, Density Bonus Amenity Zoning has been rolled out, to date, in two phases.  

Phase 1

Phase one was adopted in 2010 and applies to townhouse and low rise multiple dwellings districts. The following zones contain bonus density provisions: RT-2, RT-2A, RT-2B, RT-2C, RM-1, RM-1A, RM-1B, RM-2, RM-2A, RMW-2, RMW-2A and RM-5A.

Phase 2

Phase 2 was adopted by Council on September 16, 2014 and applies to high density residential and mixed use zones in the Downtown area.

More information on the two phases can be found in the FAQ in the resources section below.

Council has determined that the amenity contributions collected from Density Bonus Amenity Zoning will be allocated as follows: 30% towards affordable housing, 10% towards child care 10% towards public art, and 50% towards general amenities (i.e., civic facilities, park space, public art, etc.).



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