Development Applications

  • All development applications, except for Heritage Alteration Permits and Heritage Designation Bylaws, are subject to an application fee. 

    2017 Development Application Fees

  • Development Permits

    The City uses Development Permits as a tool to direct and control, among other things, the form and character of the built environment, as it relates to architectural and landscape design.

    Specifically, the Local Government Act allows the City of New Westminster to use Development Permits to:

    • establish and achieve objectives for the form and character of commercial, industrial or intensive or multiple unit residential developments
    • revitalize specific commercial areas
    • prevent development from creating hazardous conditions
    • protect the natural environment
    • establish and achieve objectives to promote water and energy conservation
    • to promote the reduction of greenhouse gases

    Development Permit Areas (DPAs) are established within the Official Community Plan and properties in areas identified as a DPA must apply for a Development Permit prior to doing any work which would result in the development or alteration to the lands or exterior of buildings on the lands. Development Permits are issued by Council.

    Design guidelines may also be applicable to Development Permits.

    Guide: Development Permits

  • Development Permits, Minor

    Where changes are relatively minor in nature, the City may allow a simpler application process for a Development Permit or Special Development Permit.

    These are called Minor Development Permits can be issued for applications which are limited to:

    • the addition of floor space of less than 1,000 square feet or 10% of the floor space of the building, whichever is greater.
    • façade renovations for buildings affected by water penetration.
    • additions or exterior improvements that do not exceed $100,000 in value.

    Minor Development Permits can be issued by the Director of Development Services.

  • Development Permits, Special

    A Special Development Permit is required before doing any work which would result in development or alteration to the lands or exterior of buildings on the lands within a portion of the Downtown.

    Special Development Permits function much like a regular Development Permit, but under the New Westminster Redevelopment Act, the City was given special authority to regulate urban redevelopment in these specified areas.

    Special Development Permits can be issued by the Director of Development Services.

    Click here to learn more about Special Development Permits.

  • Development Variance Permits

    A Development Variance Permit allows a property owner or a developer to apply for a variance from the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw, such as building height or setback requirements.

    As the Zoning Bylaw cannot anticipate each development scenario in the City, Council needs some flexibility relative to the Zoning Bylaw to consider different design solutions, where appropriate. This tool cannot be used to change permitted land use or density.

    Board of Variance

    As an alternative to a Development Variance Permit, property owners may be eligible to apply to the Board of Variance. The Board of Variance considers variances which are, in the opinion of the board, both minor and cause the applicant hardship if required to conform to zoning requirements.

  • If you are submitting an application on behalf of the property owner(s), please provide a completed Letter of Authorization.
  • Pre-Application Review

    A Pre-Application Review precedes a formal development application and can quickly identify key development considerations.

    Most development applications have the option of using a pre-application review, including:

    • Rezonings;
    • Heritage Revitalization Agreements;
    • Development Permits;
    • Development Variance Permits;
    • Special Development Permits; and
    • Temporary Use Permits.

    Click here for more information about pre-application reviews.

  • Project Review

    In most cases projects are reviewed by City Committees as part of the development approval process.

    The New Westminster Design Panel (NWDP) reviews the design of all development projects (except single detached and duplex homes).

    The Advisory Planning Commission (APC) reviews and advises Council on rezoning applications, amendments to the Official Community Plan, proposed community and neighbourhood plans, and in respect to proposed or revised City policies and procedures relating to planning and development. For more information please review the following:

    The Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) provides advice and recommendations regarding policy, proposals, programs, and applications for land use (such as rezoning, development permits, and liquor licenses).
  • Temporary Use Permits

    A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is a special permit issued by Council that allows a land use not permitted in the current zoning of a property to be situated on site for a limited period of time.

    A TUP has a maximum term of three years and can be renewed once by Council for the same length of term.  The site can be used in accordance with the terms of the permit until the expiration date.

    Please click here for more information about TUPs.

  • Rezoning

    If a proposed development does not conform with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw (e.g. land use and density) you may need to apply for a Zoning Bylaw amendment. This is accomplished through the rezoning process.

    The rezoning process allows both the City and the community to analyze the potential effects and benefits that a development may have. This involves analysis of surrounding land use and evaluating compliance with existing City policies, including the Official Community Plan.

    Guide: Rezoning

    Single Detached Dwelling Rezoning Checklist

    Rezoning Application Information Sign Requirements

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