Pre-Application Review

Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, a Pre-Application Review (PAR) may be beneficial prior to a formal application.
The PAR is an application which provides opportunities for a more detailed review of the project concept with the Planning Division and also includes other City departments such as Parks and Engineering. Depending on the type of proposal, it may also be presented to Council for initial feedback.
Many applications can benefit from a PAR, as the process helps to identify key considerations and potential issues of a proposed development before significant investment is made in a full application. Large or complex projects are particularly likely to benefit from the process. The process will provide the applicant with the following kinds of information:
  • Consistency with City policies and regulations;
  • Expectations about required studies and qualified professionals, such as Engineers, Biologists, Architects, Landscape Architects, or Planners;
  • Anticipated sequencing of steps for the full application review process; 
  • General servicing requirements; 
  • Special considerations, such as buildings on the property that are more than 50 years old, parking, or tree retention; and
  • Potential challenges related to the site or project.
The information provided will vary depending on the scope and complexity of a project, and detail of information which has been provided to the City by the applicant. All comments and feedback on the proposal will be consolidated and provided to the applicant in a letter, for use in a consideration of a formal application submission.

At minimum, required application authorization materials, letter of authorization, application fee, a detailed project summary letter, a site plan, project statistics table and any other relevant project drawings must be provided as part of the PAR submission. If the site has special considerations such as buildings on the property that are more than 50 years old, parking, or tree retention, information on these should be provided to ensure staff feedback is given on these aspects.
For more information on these submission materials, please review the submission requirements section below. The level of detail of the City response will depend on the completeness and detail of submission materials provided by the applicant. Applicants are encouraged to provide as much information as possible. The City may require additional information to complete a PAR review.