Energy Management Committee

The City’s Energy Management Committee (EMC) was formed in February 2007.  The purpose of the EMC is to oversee the improvement of energy performance, energy costs and environmental impact of city buildings, fleet and infrastructure.   The Committee will specifically focus on ways to improve energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to electrical and fossil fuel consumption and will also explore opportunities around incorporating alternative energy sources, such as geothermal and solar, into projects.

The Committee was instrumental in creating a Memorandum of Agreement that allows BC Hydro to offer the full complement of its Power Smart programs to the City’s electricity customers. City citizens can take advantage of energy conservation and increased energy savings, both at home and the office. Check out the incentives that the Power Smart Program offers.


The Committee is comprised of representatives from various departments in the City and BC Hydro.   A list of current City members is provided below.

Department Member Title
Engineering Jim Lowrie Director, Engineering
Electrical Utility Rod Carle General Manager, Elec. Utility Commission
Office of the CAO Mark Allison Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Sustainability (Chairperson)
Engineering Terry Atherton Manager, Civic Buildings & Properties
Engineering Operations Kevin Thorpe Manager, Fleet Services
Engineering Operations Dave Cole Assistant Manager, Engineering Operations
Engineering Eugene Wat Manager, Infrastructure Planning
Engineering Roger Emanuels

Manager, Design & Construction

Electrical Utility Mike Nash Manager, Electrical Services
Engineering  Romeo Mihailov Facilities Management Coordinator
Engineering Monty Peters Building Management Coordinator

Jose Teres

Building Management Coordinator

Engineering Jennifer Lukianchuk Environmental Coordinator
Parks, Culture & Recreation Ron Booth Manager, Arenas & Queen's Park Facilities