Sustainability Report Card

The Sustainability Report Card was approved by Council in April 2011. It replaces the Smart Growth Development Checklist (2004-2011). It is based on the same principles and objectives as the Checklist, which are to:

  • Assess how an application fulfils the sustainability goals of the City’s Official Community Plan and other policies.
  • Address each of the three major areas of sustainability (Environment, Social & Cultural, and Economic).
  • Be fair, easy-to-use, flexible and not add time to the approval process.

There are two parts to the Sustainability Report Card. First, please review the Guide for Applicants. The second part is to fill out the Sustainability Report Card that best suits the application: Mixed Use, Commercial, Residential, Industrial or Institutional. Once this is completed, please forward a copy to the Development Planner for review.

Sustainability Report Card Guide for Applicants

Sustainability Report Card Work Sheets

Note: These forms can be filled out and saved in Adobe Reader Version 8.