Envision 2032

Adopted May 2013, Envision 2032 is the City’s sustainability framework that informs and guides City activities in the future, including plans, policies, projects and practices, using a sustainability lens.

Envision 2032: Livable. Successful. Sustainable.


Sustainability Defined

Envision 2032 identifies four action areas, or pillars, in its Sustainability Lens, wherein the City advances sustainability through catalyst projects and initiatives. As shown in the image below the four pillars are: Community Livability and Social Equity, Arts and Culture, Environmental Leadership, and Vibrant Economy.

Relationship with other City Policies

Envision 2032 is the City's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). Moving towards sustainability requires taking a cohesive approach in which all policy areas contribute to reaching that goal. Other City policy documents, including the Official Community Plan, are tools for translating the intent of Envision 2032 into the development of the community.

Community Partners will also play an important role in the achievement of Envision 2032. While the City is an important partner and will work to promote sustainability in its own operations, areas of jurisdiction and areas of influence, support and resources will be required from other key community partners.


Climate Action Division