Cart Placement for Pick-Up

Ensure that your carts are placed correctly for pick-up.

1. Place it
Carts should be at the curb for pick-up no later than 7:00 am on collection day. Please do not leave your carts out overnight.

2. Park it
Place wheels against curb.

3. Point it
Make sure arrows on the lids are pointing towards the centre of the street.

4. Space it
Leave at least an arm's length between the carts and other objects (e.g. parked cars, fences, telephone poles, etc.) and 3 metres of clearance above for overhangs and tree branches.

Park the carts at least 1 metre away from any wall/fence. The lift needs at least a 1/2 metre to pick up the cart.

Carts placed side-by-side, or too close together, may not be collected.

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