Heritage Register

A Heritage Register is an official list of properties identified by the City as having heritage value or heritage character.

The Heritage Register is used as a planning tool by the City as an opportunity to discuss options with the property owner, and as a way to offer guidance and support to property owners. Inclusion on the Heritage Register allows Council to temporarily withhold a building permit, a demolition or to order a heritage impact assessment.

A Heritage Register is used to:

  • Officially list the heritage resources in a community.
  • Give notice to property owners and potential buyers of heritage factors which may affect development options for a listed property.
  • Enable monitoring of proposed changes to properties through the local government licensing and permit application processes.

If your property is listed on the Heritage Register, it is not legally protected. However, it means that the property has been recognized by the City as having heritage value to the community.  As the owner of a heritage building in New Westminster, you are encouraged to work with City Staff to retain and protect your structure, while ensuring its use, density and function are the best they can be.

There are advantages to retaining a heritage building: for example, properties listed on a Heritage Register are eligible for special provisions in the B.C. Building Code and the Homeowner Protection Act.

Guide: Heritage Registers


Heritage Register Interactive Properties Map



Note: This map only contains properties listed on the Heritage Register. For a map of formally protected properties, please see the home page of the Formal Heritage Protection section of this webpage.