Working with a Heritage Building
The City considers any structure older than 50 years to potentially have heritage merit. Building permit applications that involve the demolition of these buildings are given an extra review: please contact the Planning Division prior to submitting these applications.

A quick check of the City’s online map (where you can download a site report) will identify the age of the building and if your property is listed on the Heritage Register or if it is protected heritage property.

Guide: Advantages of Heritage Buildings

Guide: Buildings Older than 50 Years of Age

Heritage Building Alteration Standards and Guidelines

Statements of significance

A Statement of Significance (SOS) identifies the heritage value and explains the context and relevance of a historic property, building or landscape. The short document (usually one-two pages) demonstrates the key aspects that must be protected in order for the historic place to maintain its heritage value.

They are used in evaluating the heritage merit of a property, or when a change is proposed to an already protected property. SOSs are required for the formal protection of a site and are sometimes drafted when a property is listed on the Heritage Register.

An SOS has three parts:

  • Describe the Historic Place
    Provide a description of the property in physical terms, detailing location, design features, materials and other attributes.
  • Explain its Heritage Value
    Determine why the property holds community value.
  • Identify Character-defining Elements
    List the key physical features that require conservation in order for the property to maintain its heritage value.

additional resources

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