Heritage Inventory

The Heritage Resource Inventory is an unofficial and incomplete listing of historic New Westminster properties.

A property listed on the Inventory is not legally protected nor is the Inventory used for the purposes of Planning review.

The Inventory was created in the 1980s and was the City’s first attempt at identifying local heritage assets. By the late 1980s, more than 900 properties in New Westminster were listed in the Inventory as historic, which represents a portion of local heritage found throughout the city. These lists, along with photographs and varying amounts of historic research, were compiled into four binder volumes, representing four rounds of Inventory process. Hard copies of the four binders are available for viewing at City Hall in Development Services.

The Inventory is searchable through the Heritage Inventory Interactive Map below.

Heritage Inventory Interactive Map

Click here to Launch the Interactive Heritage Inventory Map

Note: Properties listed on this map are not all subject to formal, legal protection. Legal protection of a property from demolition or unsympathetic alterations can be achieved through a variety of planning tools including:

  • Heritage Revitalization Agreements
  • Heritage Designation
  • Conservation Covenants
  • Heritage Conservation Areas

If a property is legally protected, the protection tool will be listed on Title, which you can acquire from the BC Land Title and Survey Authority. A quick check of the City’s online map (where you can download a public site report) will also note if your property is listed on the Heritage Register or if it is legally protected heritage property.