The focus of this development policy work will be those areas and building forms designated “Detached and Semi-Detached” and “Ground Oriented Infill” in the Official Community Plan (OCP). This includes houses, suites, laneway/carriage houses, small lots, duplexes, triplexes, and other infill in low density neighbourhoods such as Glenbrooke North, Sapperton, Queen’s Park, Moody Park, and the West End among others.
These are the project types across the city for which there are the policy gaps but also great need. Such projects are often proposed on properties in the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area but not exclusively so. The policy gaps are also the same ones that Phase Two of the Infill Housing program would address in relation to non-heritage development proposals. Therefore, the two policy projects are being developed in a complementary way.
All other types of HRA developments (such as: high-rise or commercial buildings) will continue to follow the current Development Application Review Process and 2011 policy. Click here for the guide to HRA applications.