There are three main goals to this work:
  1. Increase clarity, certainty, and expectations for applicants and the community
    Increased clarity regarding project parameters such as density, number of units, and ownership model. This would ensure the community knows what to expect in their neighbourhood, and applicants know what type of development projects may be supported by the City.
  2. Provide equitable incentives and requirements city-wide
    Incentives offered through the updated HRA policy should provide equitable opportunities and requirements throughout the city. To achieve this, the new policy would situate the incentives and protection offered through the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area within the larger, city-wide context of heritage protection policy.
  3. Integrate with current City programs, policies, and Council priorities
    Other relevant City policies, such as increasing housing choice and improving energy efficiency of existing buildings, will shape the HRA policy to ensure alignment with Council priorities.