Milestone: Program Launch and Work Plan
Timeframe: August 30, 2021
Information: Council Report
Milestone: Research for Principles Development
Timeframe: September-November 2021
Information: Council Report
Milestone: Community Consultation: Round 1
Focus Groups (e.g. previous applicants) December – January 2022
Information: Meeting minutes are available on the committee’s webpages
In May 2022, Council endorsed pausing work on the HRA Refresh program in response to significant staff resource challenges. As a result, the broader community consultation scheduled as the next phase of the HRA Refresh program has not proceeded and the completion of the program overall has been delayed beyond its original timeline. 
Further discussion with Council is expected regarding how and when the review of the HRA policy will resume, in conjunction with the Infill Housing Program work, and work plans to align with the Council Strategic Priorities Plan 2023-2026.