Does the Refresh affect current HRA applications?

The City is not accepting new HRA applications in the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area for the duration of the Refresh. However, new applications are being accepted in other neighbourhoods. The results of the Refresh will not be applied retroactively to current projects, which will continue being reviewed under the original program they applied to.

When will the HRA Refresh be completed?
Council endorsed pausing the HRA Policy Refresh program due to staffing challenges and a backlog of projects following the pandemic. A revised timeline and completion date for this work has not yet been set. We will update this page with more details following discussions with Council on the resumption of the work.    

How can I add to the conversation about the HRA Refresh?
There will be an opportunity to provide your comments and feedback on the updated policy draft. A community-wide survey will be made available on the City’s Be Heard New West website. Stay tuned for more details!