Incentives Program


As part of the implementation of the Heritage Conservation Area, Council directed staff to explore zoning incentives for those properties which would be protected by the policy. 

To start, three potential incentives were being considered:

  • Increasing Floor Space Ratio (FSR);
  • Exempting basements from FSR; and
  • Exempting attics from FSR.

The community and other stakeholders were consulted in December regarding the proposed incentive options. Based on the feedback received, the scope of the incentive program has been expanded to include a wider range of zoning incentives (including the incentives being considered by the City of Vancouver) as well as other categories of incentives (such as process-based incentives or financial-based incentives).

A range of incentives are now being research by the City. The results of this research will be presented to Council in March and the community in April. Sign up for the mailing list (below) to receive updates on the process.


Thank you to everyone who attended the panel discussion on February 7 to learn about more heritage conservation area incentive options. A report summarizing the questions and answers from the event will be posted here once it is complete. 

Click here to view the boards presented at the Open House prior to the start of the panel.


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Incentive Program PROCESS

June 13, 2017: Council adopts the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area

July 2017: Working Group Zoning Incentive Recommendations

October 16, 2017: Council adopts the QPHCA Implementation Work Plan, which includes zoning incentives for protected properties

December 4, 2017: Report to Council regarding incentive options and consultation plan

December 5, 2017: Presentation to the Community Heritage Commission

December 6, 2017: Presentation to the Advisory Planning Commission

December 2017: Consultation Round One - Zoning Incentive Open Houses and Survey

January 17 and 19, 2018: Realtor Consultation

January 29, 2018: Report to Council regarding results of December public consultation and next steps

February 7, 2018: Panel Discussion - Leaning from Other Perspectives  

Spring 2018: Report to Council on incentive options research findings 

Spring 2018: Discussion paper regarding incentive options to be released

Spring 2018: Consultation Round Two with community, stakeholders and City committees

Spring 2018: Report to Council on consultation findings and recommendations