More on Renovictions

The practice of renovictions, in which some landlords evict their tenants under the guise of performing major renovations and then significantly increase the rent on those units, is becoming more commonplace. Over the last two years, there is evidence that renovictions have occurred in at least fifteen rental buildings in New Westminster, affecting at least 340 units, and there may be other occasions that have not come to the attention of the City.

The City has now put in place new rules regarding the eviction of tenants for the purposes of building renovations. 

Prior to February 4, 2019, when the new regulations came into effect, the City assisted tenants affected by renovictions, as outlined in the Renovictions Action Plan, adopted May 2, 2016. These actions included:

  • Circulating copies of the Tenant Survival Guide and updates to the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Sponsoring workshops on tenants’ rights
  • Advocating for amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act to allow tenants the first right of refusal to return to their unit at a rent that is no more than the landlord could lawfully have charged if there had been no disruption in the tenancy.