Why can’t I log in to my MyCity account?

  • Did you verify your account using the verification code that was sent to your email? If not, try registering the account again and enter the verification code.

  • If your account is locked, please contact the Help Desk at for assistance

  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the login page below the “LOGIN” button.

How do I find out my Permit Number and/or Access Code?

  • You can find this information near the top of each permit

Why isn’t my permit showing up on my MyCity account?

  • Each individual permit (ie. Building, Plumbing, Services, Sprinkler, Hydronic Heating) needs to be registered to your account

Why is more than one inspection of each type listed? Do I need to schedule them all? Which inspections do I need to book?

  • We have added extra inspections in case you need to rebook. No, you do not need to schedule all of them.

  • Only schedule the required inspections. For building permits, these will be noted on your inspection checklist.

How can more than one person schedule inspections for my permit?

  • Each person will need to create their own MyCity account and register each permit to their account

How can I check if my inspection has been scheduled?

  • The status of the inspection will change from “NOT STARTED” to “SCHEDULED”

Why is the date that I want to schedule not available for booking?

  • If it is after 2 PM on the business day prior to the inspection, you will need to select the following day

  • We do not schedule inspections on Statutory Holidays

  • The maximum number of inspections may already be scheduled for that day

Why am I unable to book a time for my inspection?

  • Due to variations in project and inspection types, we are unable to guarantee inspection times. For any requests, ie. AM or PM, please enter this in the Notes field. Please note that this is not guaranteed.

Why did I not receive an email or phone call confirming my inspection booking?

  • We do not confirm inspection requests. If you would like verification that your inspection is scheduled, check that the status has been updated from “Not Started” to “Scheduled”