Official Community Plan Update

You are Invited!
Help Celebrate the OCP At the Official Community PArty 

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to provide input throughout the process of creating the new OCP. We couldn't have done it without you.

We are hosting an Official Community Party!

Date: Monday, October 30
Time: 5-7pm (drop-in)
Location: City Hall Lobby

Join us...

  • For the official cake cutting with the Mayor at 5:30 pm,
  • To take the OCP Quiz and be entered into a prize draw for a gift basket, including a gift card and coveted yellow shirt!
  • To share your favourite moments from the OCP process,
  • To talk to staff about building a laneway or carriage house,
  • To ask us any questions you have always wanted to ask about an OCP. 


Official COmmunity Plan Adoption

After 3 years, 15 open houses, booths at 7 community events, 11 workshops, 5 online surveys, numerous meetings with community members, 36 presentations to City committees, and 18 reports to Council, we have reached the end of the update of the Official Community Plan!

The OCP was adopted by Council on October 2, 2017. 


Infill Housing 

Staff has prepared design guidelines and zoning regulations for laneway and carriage houses and for townhouses and rowhouses. The design guidelines were included in the proposed OCP. The zoning regulations were included in a proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment, which was adopted on October 2, 2017.  

In addition to adding new regulations, the Zoning Bylaw amendment would also add laneway and carriage houses as a permitted use to those single detached dwelling properties that are also designated Residential Detached and Semi-Detached Housing (RD), or Residential Ground Oriented Infill Housing (RGO) in the OCP. This zoning change would allow property owners to apply to build a laneway or carriage house without having to go through individual rezoning processes. 


Stay in the Conversation 

To discuss any of the material with a member of our staff, please contact the Planning Division. 

Phone: 604-527-4532

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