Outdoor Pools

Moody Park Pool 
701 Tenth Street
Open June 15 - Sept 2
Offers: leisure swim, 25 metre lane swim, deep tank, slide, aquafit, lessons

Hume Park Pool
525 Kelly Street
Open June 29 - Sept 2
Offers: shallow leisure swim, lessons

Grimston Park Wading Pool
7th Avenue & 19th Street
Open June 29 - Sept 2
Daily, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm


Drop-in Information

Check availability online. Registration is no longer available for public swim. Please note that schedules are subject to change without notice and not all drop-in activities run on holidays.

Children 6 years and under must be accompanied by a swimmer 15+ years.

Shallow Aquafit (15+ years) - Move in water for a low to zero impact way to improve cardio and strength. All abilities welcome. Shallow aquafit classes offer a fun alternative to land exercise to improve overall health. Youth 13 - 14 years may participate if accompanied by an adult 19+ years who is also participating in the class. Registration is available. 

Leisure Swim (All Ages) - Float with family and friends in the tot area and shallow areas. Does not include access to the deep end lanes.

Length Swim - One or three, 25 metre lanes available at set times. Moody Park Outdoor Pool only. See drop-in descriptions for lane availability. 


Grimston Wading Pool

One of the few remaining in the Metro Vancouver region, the wading pool is designed to allow toddlers to splash, play ,and cool down in the summer while becoming more confident around water. There is no lifeguard on duty but a Parks and Recreation staff person is present to fill, drain, and chlorinate the wading pool.

  • Swimming Lessons: Breaking Waves Swim Program

    Lessons for all ages and abilities

    Did you know New Westminster swimming lesson curriculum is unique? Over 45 years, thousands of people have been taught to swim with ease.

    About the Curriculum:

    The step by step progressions teach:

    • Strong rotational skill to learn to get in and out of breathing position.
    • How to find balance in the water to produce less struggle.
    • Practice techniques to create strong muscle memory.

    About Breaking Waves:

    The Breaking Waves Swim Program teaches children to progressively and successfully learn to swim. Customer feedback, years of staff experience, and current information around the science of swimming are build into the program.

    Students experience success through progressive skill development in a positive and supportive learning environment. The program

    • Creates a beneficial learning environment. Lessons run at times with limited competing programs.
    • Invest in our instructors. Knowing that a program is only as strong as the deliver, instructor's receive professional development throughout their career with us.

    About Assistant Program Coordinators:

    There is always an Assistant Program Coordinator available to assist parents or students in any way needed. They provide:

    • Customer Service
    • Develop staff skills and knowledge
    • Ensure program consistency.

    Registration Information

    • Lesson participants can only register for one lesson set at a time. This ensures customers meet all level prerequisites and have the best possible experience.
    • Not sure what level to register into next? You can conveniently check your online account by going to My Profile > My Info > Activity Outcomes. This grade determines what level is next. Grades are viewable the morning of Registration Day. Registration opens at 8:30 am.
    • Late registrations: Participants must be registered by the third class.

    Unsure of swim level?

    Free swim evaluations are offered during any of our Public Swim times. One of our lifeguards will be happy to do an assessment of your child which takes approximately 5 minutes.

    Upon completion of the assessment you will receive a piece of paper with the assessed level which you must bring to the front desk to register.

    Moving from Tots to Preschool age, or Preschool to School age lessons? Here's our transfer chart.


    Register Online

  • Red Cross Lesson & Swim for Life Transfer Chart

    Transition your lessons to or from another municipality.

    Many local municipalities, such as Burnaby and Coquitlam, follow the Red Cross swim program which differs from the New Westminster swim program you may be used to.

    We recommend contacting the facility you are registered with, especially if a child has not been swimming for a while, to confirm all necessary requirements. Swim assessments may be required, and are available at no cost for most programs, to ensure you are registering for the correct level. To get started with your transition, please see the chart below. 

    What is my New Westminster swim level? You can find your recommended New Westminster swim level in your online account by going to My Profile > My Info > Activity Outcomes.

    Red Cross & Swim For Life to Breaking Waves Lesson Transfer Chart (PDF)

  • Q: Do I have to pay to watch my children swim?

    A: Spectators may accompany and watch participants 7+ years from the pool deck for free. Caregivers accompanying children 6 years or younger to drop-in or reserved sessions are required to pay for admission and join the children in the water. 


    Q: Can I bring food with us to the pool?

    A: No. Food is not allowed on pool deck or in the change area.


    Q: Can my children to swim their own? 

    A: Children 6 years and younger must be supervised in the water and stay within arm’s reach of an Adult, 15 years or older, at all times. Anyone 7 years of age or older may swim on their own. We strongly recommend that any patron that is not a strong swimmer have a parent or guardian present and they stay within arms’ reach.


    Q: Will my swimming lessons run outdoors if it is raining?

    A: Yes, swimming lessons will run rain or shine. 


    Q: Are outdoor pools open when it is raining?

    Moody Park Pool will be open regular hours and is not weather dependent. Grimston Wading Pool and Hume Park Pool are weather dependent and may have operation hour adjustments or cancellations based on weather.


    Q: Why can’t I register for multiple lesson sets?

    A: Participants may only register for one lesson set at a time to ensure level prerequisites are met, and to create opportunities for more participants to access our limited supply of lessons. For participants that were not able to register for set 1 of lessons, set 2 provides a second opportunity to participate in swimming lessons for the season.


    Q: What is a prerequisite system?

    A: Lessons in gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, and skating require activity outcome results prior to registration in the next level. This ensures that participants are placed in the correct level for their safety. Find "Activity Outcomes" in your online account profile.


    Q: Does Moody Park Outdoor Pool have a slide?

    A: A slide will be available during the 2024 season.


    Q: When will the rock climbing wall be used again?

    A: Due to safety requirements we are unable to use the rock wall in the 2024 season.


    Q: How warm is the pool?

    A: The pool is set to 27-28 degrees Celsius. The pool may feel warmer or cooler due to the temperature differential between the water and the outside ambient air temperature. If the pool water is heated warmer than the set point – it can cause swimmer’s to overheat during lap and exercise swim sessions. It can also cause greater steam on cool weather days and impede the lifeguard’s ability to adequately supervise the pool.


    Q: Can we use the change rooms?

    A: Yes.


    Q: Are there lockers available to lock up my stuff?

    A: Yes, lockers will be available to use. Please do not bring valuables with you to the swim.


    Q: What swim equipment is available?

    A: Kickboards, water running belts, pull-buoys, hand paddles, mats, and toys are available. 


    Q: Are water fountains available? 

    A: Yes!