1. Why did you change your pass options?

We have heard from our customers that they wanted to have an all-inclusive parks and recreation experience. The new Active 10, Active 30, Active 90, and Active Infinity Passes provide access to a variety of recreation experiences without having to buy additional passes.

2. Why is it advisable to not use the Active 10 visit pass at Moody Park Arena?

It would be more cost effective to pay the skating fee if you only use Moody Park Arena.

3. Why can I not access Century House services with my Active Pass?

Century House operates under an age-restricted membership model with the Century House Association. The Parks & Recreation Department is currently reviewing with the Association, how the Active Pass may fit into this model in the future.

4. What pass should I purchase if I want to access services on a single day intermittently (i.e., less than 3x per week)?

The Active 10 Pass allows you to access one service in a facility of your choice. This pass is the same as the former 10x pass.

5. I am a regular user of your services. What pass should I purchase?

If you access our services more than three times a week, your best pass purchase would be the Active 30, Active 90, or Active Infinity. The benefits of the Active 90 is that you can purchase 90 days at a time and the Active Infinity provides the auto-renewal option of the Active 30.

6. I purchased a membership, but I realized it doesn’t meet my present needs. Can I get a refund? 

Yes, all passes are refundable (prorated as applicable) until the pass expires.

7. I have an Active 30, Active 90, or Active Infinity Pass and the facility is closed. Can I get a refund or an extension?

Time-based pass extensions may be granted if the department is unable to offer a service for more than 24 hours.

8. I bought the Active 30, Active 90, or Active Infinity Pass and I am going away on vacation. Can I put a hold on my pass while I am away?

Time-based passes are only put on hold and extended for a medical reason or extenuating circumstances, and a doctor’s note may be required.

However, all passes are refundable therefore we can refund the pro-rated amount and put it a credit on your account and you can repurchase a new pass when you return. 

9. Can a customer share their Active 10 Pass?

Yes, Active 10 Visit Passes can be shared among a limited number of family account members in the same age grouping. 

10. Can I purchase more than one Active 10 Pass at a time?

Yes, for your convenience, you can purchase up to 5 Active 10 visit passes at once.

11. Can I get an admission refund? 
Same day refunds may be granted by means of a single or family courtesy pass. If the payment was by cash and you do not want a courtesy pass, a refund can be given.  

12. What is Active One?

This is our new name for a single admission.