Reserved Drop-in Transfer Policy

If you are unable to attend your purchased Reserved Drop-in time you may be able to transfer to another available Reserved Drop-in. 

  • Transfers can only be made by Parks and Recreation staff, in person or by phone. 
  • Transfers cannot be made by the Client through the online registration system.
  • Transfer requests can only be placed on the same day and up to one hour prior to the originally purchased service time.
  • Transfers can only happen if there is capacity in the desired new Reserved Drop-in service.
  • Transfers are permitted between Reserved Drop-in services that have different fees. The Client will receive a credit or pay the additional fee.
  • Transfers are permitted to Reserved Drop-in services that occur before or after the Clients originally purchased Reserved Drop-in scheduled time, as long as the request is placed one hour before the originally purchased service time.
  • Reserved Drop-in transfers can only be accommodated during registration hours when Staff are available. 
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