Past Event Materials and Council Reports

All of the event material and Council reports from the OCP review process have been posted on this webpage. The material is divided into the following sections:

Official Community Party  |  OCP Adoption  |  Zoning Bylaw Amendment: Implementation of Infill Housing  |  Advisory Planning Commission Meeting  |  Your Plan for Our City Events  |  Infill Housing Update  |  Draft Development Permit Areas and Design Guidelines  |  Our Future City Events  |  First Draft of Infill Housing Design Guidelines  |  Community Conversation on Housing  |  Draft Vision and Goals  |  Neighbourhood Visioning Process  |  Pop-Up Planning  |  OUR CITY Photo Contest  |  Traveling Community Workshop  |  Newsletters  |  Past Reports to Council

Official Community Party 

Thank you to everyone who came to the official community party! It was a great way to wrap up the review of the Official Community Plan. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to provide input throughout the process of creating the document. We couldn't have done it without you.

Did you complete the OUR CITY 2041 Quiz? Click here to view the correct answers. The quizzes with the most number of correct answers were entered into a draw. The winner received a gift basket that included our famous yellow and orange t-shirts and a $50 gift certificate to the River Market. Congratulations to our winner! 

OCP Adoption

The Official Community Plan was adopted by Council on October 2, 2017. 



Zoning Bylaw Amendment PROCESS: IMplementation of Infill Housing

In addition to the guidelines included in the OCP, staff created zoning regulations for laneway and carriage houses and for townhouses and rowhouses. The proposed zoning regulations were presented to Council on August 28, 2017, and adopted on October 2, 2017. 

The Zoning Bylaw amendment would add laneway and carriage houses as a permitted use to single detached dwelling properties that are also designated Residential - Detached and Semi-Detached Housing (RD), or Residential - Ground Oriented Housing (RGO) in the OCP. This zoning amendment would allow property owners to apply to build a laneway or carriage house without having to rezone their property, as well as add regulations on the height and size of laneway and carriage houses that would be allowed.

For townhouses and rowhouses, a new zoning district would be added, but not applied to any property. Property owners interested in building townhouses or rowhouses on a Residential - Infill Townhouse (RT) or Residential - Ground Oriented Infill Housing (RGO) designated property would first have to apply for rezoning to the new zone.




The revised draft of the Official Community Plan (OCP) was reviewed by the Advisory Planning Commission (APC) at their meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. At this meeting, the APC also considered the proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaw. These amendments support infill housing by pre-zoning properties across the city to allow laneway and carriage houses and creating a new zone for townhouses and rowhouses.



Open houses held in February 2017 presented the draft Official Community Plan for community review and feedback.  

The draft Plan included a revised Future Land Use Map that shows the types and locations of land uses that will be encouraged over the next 25 years.

Open House Materials

Reports to Council: What We Heard

General Feedback Including Glenbrooke North

22nd Street Station Area Feedback 

The open house feedback, online survey feedback, emails and petition related to the area around the 22nd Street Station are included as attachments to the report. 

Infill Housing Feedback 

Staff presented the feedback received regarding infill housing (laneway and carriage houses, and townhouse and rowhouses) to Council on March 27, 2017 (see additional detail below). 


Infill Housing Update

Draft design guidelines and regulation were presented to Council at an Open Workshop on March 27, 2017, along with a summary of the consultation feedback received.

Draft Laneway and Carriage House Development Permit Area (March 2017)
Draft Laneway and Carriage House Zoning Regulations (March 2017)

Draft Townhouse and Rowhouse Development Permit Area (March 2017)
Draft Townhouse and Rowhouse Zoning Regulations (March 2017)

Infill Housing Update Report to Council (March 27, 2017)



On April 10, 2017, staff presented the first draft of the Development Permit Areas and associated design guidelines to Council.  

The Development Permit Areas will assist with the implementation of the OCP. The DPAs would shape the form and character of new development, and encourage best practices for promoting water and energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 



The purpose of these events, held in September and October 2016, was to present the draft vision, goals, policies, and Future Land Use Map, which will form the foundation of the Draft Official Community Plan. While feedback was received on each of these items the focus was on getting feedback on the draft Land Use Designation Map so that appropriate revisions could be made. 

Council Reports Summarizing Findings

We compiled the feedback received and presented reports to Council that summarized what we heard.

 Event Materials 



In September 2016 we presented the first draft of the Infill Housing Design Guidelines for Laneway and Carriage Houses, and for Townhouses and Rowhouses.

Infill Housing? See for yourself!

Our self-guided tour provides examples of these housing types in New Westminster and North Vancouver. Enjoy exploring but please be respectful of homeowners’ privacy!


Community Conversation on Housing

Open houses, workshops and online survey were used to gather feedback between November 2015 and February 2016 to gather feedback on what housing fits and where housing goes.

Click here to view the raw data from the survey.

Council Report

Consultation Materials

The first question we explored was: WHAT Housing Fits? We wanted to know what community members like and don't like about different ground oriented housing forms, and whether each housing form should be allowed in the city.

The second question we explored was: WHERE Housing Goes? We created three land use scenarios for each neighbourhood (based on residents' association boundaries) that imagined really low density, really high density, and an in-between density version of the visioning maps. We wanted to know which parts community member liked about each scenario and how they would suggest modifying them when we create a future land use map.


Draft Vision and Goals

Staff used the public input, Envision 2032, and research to create a draft vision and draft goal for each of the OCP policy areas. The vision and goals will be two significant components framing the policy of the new OCP. This first draft of the vision and goals was presented to Council in May 2015.

Click here to review the draft goals.

Click here to learn more about the Draft Vision and Goals from the May 11, 2015, report to Council.


Neighbourhood Visioning Process

This process included four phases: the LOVE OUR CITY Workshop, Processing Workshop Input, an Open House and a Final Report. The purpose of the Neighbourhood Visioning Process was to explore the following questions with the community:

  • What do you think your neighbourhood and the city should be like in the future?
  • Where is the heart of your neighbourhood? What do you love about it and what’s missing? How can new growth (housing and commercial) appropriately fit into your neighbourhood? 
  • What are the “Big Moves” that would make this city even greater and prepare us for the future?

After the conclusion of the visioning process, we transcribed all of the post-it note comments received over all four days. (Click here to view all of the raw notes). With the help of the Advisory Group, we reviewed and synthesized all of the comments. (Click here to view the synthesized comments). These comments were used to guide the OCP review process. Location-specific details were not included in the synthesis but were considered when the draft land use scenarios and other maps were created.

Final Report

Consultants developed a report that summarized the overall process and all of the findings of the visioning process. This report, along with a staff report, was presented to Council on May 11, 2015.

What We Heard: Open House

Held on February 28, 2015, the Open House presented the key messages we heard during the LOVE OUR CITY workshop.

Processing Workshop Input

Consultants worked with staff and the Advisory Group (volunteer community members appointed by Council) to further develop and refine the ideas generated during the workshop. The Advisory Group provided clarification and context information and acted as representatives for the community at large. The consultant team synthesized key ideas from the workshop.

LOVE OUR CITY Neighbourhood Visioning Workshop

A workshop was held on February 14, 2015. The facilitated event explored with community members the heart of each neighbourhood, how the city should grow and what big ideas would make the city even better.


Pop-Up Planning

An OUR CITY booth “popped-up” at community events throughout the summer of 2014 and 2015.

In 2015 community members were asked to give feedback on the draft vision and goals, and on housing forms. Click here to review the boards and the comments received.

In 2014 community members were asked to give their vision for the future by completing the sentence “In 25 years, OUR CITY will be…” on large poster boards. Click here to view the boards and comments received.


OUR CITY Photo Contest

Community members snapped photos of the best views, gardens, parks, special buildings and places that make them proud of OUR CITY. Community members like you voted for your favourite photo. Click here to see the winning photos!


Traveling Community Workshop

The “Traveling” Community Workshop, held in June  2014, launched the Official Community Plan consultation process. This workshop “traveled” through the city to six different venues. 

The workshop included a number of different activities. Click on any of the following to see the feedback we received:



OUR CITY Newsletter Vol.4 (May 2016)

OUR CITY Newsletter Vol.3 (June 2015)

OUR CITY Newsletter Vol.2 (January 2015)

OUR CITY Newsletter Vol.1 (June 2014)


Reports to Council

2017 August 28 - Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment for Infill Housing Implementation

2017 August 28 - Minor revisions to Proposed Official Community Plan

2017 June 26 - Proposed Official Community Plan (Item 21, page 292 of the PDF)

2017 May 29 - Summary of Feedback and Discussion of the 22nd Street Station Area

2017 April 24 - Summary of Consultation Feedback and Discussion of Glenbrooke North Land Use Designations

2017 April 10 - Draft Development Permit Areas 

2017 March 27 - Infill Housing Update

2017 January 30 - Draft Official Community Plan (with attachments)

2017 January 30 - Draft Official Community Plan (without attachments)


2016 November 28 - Feedback Received Regarding Draft Infill Housing Design Guidelines

2016 November 21 - Summary of Feedback and Discussion of the Area Around the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station

2016 November 7 - Summary of Our Future City Events and Land Use Designation Map Discussion (with attachments)

2016 November 7 - Summary of Our Future City Events and Land Use Designation Map Discussion (without attachments)

2016 September 19 - Draft Infill Housing Design Guidelines (Laneway/Carriage Houses, Townhouses and Rowhouses)

2016 August 29 - Draft Land Use Designation Map

2016 June 13 - Draft Policies and Revised Vision and Goals

2016 April 25 - Summary of OUR CITY Community Conversation on Housing Process

2015 October 5 - OUR CITY Housing Workshop Announcement Council Report and Presentation

2015 May 11- Draft Vision and Goals and Summary of OUR CITY Neighbourhood Visioning Process

2015 January 19 - Consultation Requirements and Fraser Health Partnership

2015 January 19 - OUR CITY Neighbourhood Visioning Advisory Group

2015 January 12 - Neighbourhood Visioning Process

2014 October 27 - Summary of Community Consultation

2014 May 5 - Community Consultation Program

2014 January 20 - Proposed Workplan for the Official Community Plan Review