Master Plan Process

A land use concept for the 22nd Street Station Area was created during the Official Community Plan (OCP) review, that was adopted in October 2017. The neighbourhood is envisioned as a high density, mixed-use node, with shops and commercial services on Seventh Avenue, east of the station. Higher density residential development would locate near the SkyTrain station, while low rise residential buildings and infill townhouses would “step down” into the surrounding neighbourhood of Connaught Heights.

Following the adoption of the OCP, work began on a Master Plan process. Following the climate emergency declaration, City Council saw that there was an opportunity to add a new climate action perspective to this work. The work to-date on the Master Plan is outlined below.


This Backgrounder provides an overview of the area and will serve as a resource moving forward with the Bold Vision.

Click here to view the Backgrounder for the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station Area

Detailed Transportation Study

In response to feedback received during the OCP update and development of the city’s Master Transportation Plan (MTP), the Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan was created in 2018 for the neighbourhood, where the 22nd Street Station is located. The purpose of the plan is to enhance safety and liveability of the Connaught Heights neighbourhood.

The City also retained a consultant to provide a comprehensive assessment of existing conditions in the 22nd Street Station Area. A Baseline Report Summary was produced which provides an overview of the main issues and opportunities and the information provided in the baseline report will be considered as we work through the Bold Vision process.

Financing Growth Strategy

The City has also begun work on determining priorities for community amenities and infrastructure in and around Connaught Heights, and investigating how growth can be leveraged to help pay for those priorities.

The City has retained Coriolis Consulting to help prepare a Financing Growth Strategy, which is underway. The Strategy will explore the potential revenue generated from new development, an approach to collecting funds or in-kind contributions, and an assessment of amenity and infrastructure needs.