The process to create the Master Plan for the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station Frequent Transit Development Area (FTDA) will begin in January 2018. The process will be divided into four main steps as outlined below. Community consultation would take place, as appropriate, throughout the Master Plan process. 

Step One: Background Research and Transportation Analysis (2018)

Research and analysis will include a review of previous feedback, an assessment of potential land assembly patterns, and a detailed transportation study. The transportation study will examine transportation constraints and opportunities in the neighbourhood and make recommendations for improving access and circulation for cars, pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. This study will build on the Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan  which will be implemented in the short to medium term to address concerns identified by community members.

Step Two: Community Amenities – Needs and Opportunities (2018)

An important part of planning for growth in the 22nd Street SkyTrain area is to consider the infrastructure and amenity requirements of the community as it grows, and how they will be financed. The City has various ways of financing growth, and this phase of work will explore the potential revenue generated from new development, an approach to collecting amenity contributions, and a prioritization of community and infrastructure needs.

Community consultation will be conducted to explore the community’s priorities regarding new amenities. For example, is new park space or a community meeting space, a higher priority?

Step Three: Master Plan Development (2019)

Taking into account the feedback received through the OCP review process, such as concerns regarding views, shadow, and safety, design guidelines for the public and private realm will be created. The private realm guidelines, which will eventually be amended into the Official Community Plan as a new Development Permit Area, will ensure a high standard of architectural and urban design, mitigating community concerns. Design guidelines for the public realm will take into account the findings of the transportation study and the integration of transit facilities to ensure that comfortable, accessible and safe connections to the station and throughout the community are developed.

The private and public realm design guidelines, the transportation study recommendations, and the recommendations for financing growth, will be combined with detailed land use designations for the area to form the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station Master Plan.

Step Four: Master Plan Adoption (2020)

The adoption of the Master Plan will include an amendment to the OCP to replace the comprehensive development designation in the area with detailed land use designations. A new Development Permit Area would also be added to the OCP which would include the design guidelines. The approach for financing growth would also be endorsed by Council through the Master Plan.