Bent Court is envisioned as a mixed use, mixed density area where heritage features and character streetscapes are preserved as part of future redevelopment. The area is designated as a Study Area in the OCP because of this unique context. Conducting a detailed study presents an opportunity to create and explore scenarios that would achieve both aspects of this vision: bringing together old and new.

As part of our OCP implementation plan, the City will study the area in order to create a Master Plan. The goal for the Plan is to identify heritage and streetscape retention requirements, set a high standard for design, and determine potential development patterns for the area as a whole. Appropriate tools to carry out the Plan may include Heritage Revitalization Agreements or a density transfer program. Other provisions, which would be explored through the study, may include more flexible parking requirements, removing the requirement for commercial space in the area, or the sale of City owned rights of way.

The Master Plan must be created for the area as a whole. The Plan would need to be completed prior to any rezoning or Heritage Revitalization Agreement for individual or groups of properties.

While the City anticipates conducting this study and creating the Master Plan, this work has not yet begun, since staff are focused on other Council priority areas. We expect to have further conversations with Council about including this project in a future work plan. However, there is an opportunity to advance the work in the short term — should there be an inclined partner in the development community that has an interest in the majority of the Bent Court properties. In this scenario, the project would be initiated and largely led by a developer. However, the City would be heavily involved in the process, to ensure the opportunities for all property owners are considered, regardless of whether they are represented by that developer group. Additionally, the proposed Plan would need to reflect the City’s policies and objectives. The final Master Plan would be subject to Council approval.

Once the Study commences, the City would work closely with property owners and community members through a number of consultation opportunities, such as community meetings. Updates will also be posted on this website.

Any interested partner in the development community should review the Bent Court Master Plan Preliminary Terms of Reference. For further information, please contact the City of New Westminster Planning Division at 604‐527‐4532 or .