OUR CITY 2041 Monitoring and Evaluation

Central to the evolving nature of the OCP is a regular and robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program. The objective of the OCP M&E Program is to consistently track progress towards the OCP’s policies and goals, and report this progress via data and analysis to the public and New Westminster City Council. These regular reports are intended to inform decision-making and future updates to the OCP.

Brief check-ins will be provided annually, while a more comprehensive reporting of measures and indicators related to OCP policies will be provided every five years. The five-year reports will track progress from the OUR CITY 2041 Baseline Report which will be available in the Spring of 2018, following the full release of 2016 Census data.

OUR CITY 2041 Monitoring & Evaluation Program

OUR CITY 2041 Baseline Report
The baseline report will be available in spring 2018.

Annual Check-ins
The first annual check-in will be available in fall 2019.