Front Street Mews

project update - MARCH 2018

With the exciting installation of the catenary lighting, major construction works along the Mews are now complete. The catenary lighting is producing an engaging and animated space into the later parts of the evening. Minor upcoming works this month are approximately as follows:

  • Landscaping work from the contractor can be expected towards the end of the month.
  • The scaffolding on Columbia Street will be removed once a gate at the top of the fire stairs is installed, staircase artwork is in place and a safety inspection is done. This process will begin in March and proceed into April and May.

As we move closer to consistently drier weather in June, restoration of the sidewalk panels will occur. Finally, two remaining utility poles, 1 from New Westminster Electrical and 1 from Telus, will be removed closer to June as well.


The portion of the Front Street Parkade west of 6th Street has been removed, and the existing Frontage Road on this section of Front Street is being redesigned as a “Mews”. The Mews is envisioned to become an attractive, safe and pedestrian-friendly great street of which residents and merchants alike can be proud. The contemporary design for the mews will include a widened sidewalk, street furniture, lighting, street trees, traffic-calming, planters and angled parking to access local businesses. A continuous paving treatment for the street and sidewalk reinforces the idea of a ‘shared street’ (i.e. designed to facilitate a wide range of activities including local access, pedestrian and bicycle movement, social interaction, commercial and restaurant activity).

The design for the Mews based on the following principles:

  1. Create a unique destination that attracts people and enhances the downtown experience.
  2. Create a place where people choose to stay.
  3. Retain a sense of industrial character.
  4. Create a mixed modal / shared street.
  5. Design the street to be safe, serviceable and accessible.
  6. Provide adequate parking to support businesses.
  7. Address issues identified by stakeholder groups and the community.
  8. Create an engaging street edge with future development.
  9. Create a street that’s flexible to accommodate a variety of program uses.
  10. Integrate with the surrounding street network with strong connections to the waterfront.

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For more information please contact:
Amir Aminpour, Project Manager