Ewen Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project


Ewen Avenue is the main east-west corridor that runs the length of Queensborough. It is the community's central spine, connecting residential areas to shops, schools, and recreation areas. Ewen Avenue also provides a key link for residents connecting to the Highway, the Queensborough Bridge, and the rest of the city.

With the continued growth and expansion of Queensborough, a detailed and functional design concept was created in order to accommodate various modes of transportation including pedestrians, cyclists and transit. The design was broken down into 3 phases, with an anticipated completion for the fall of 2018.

  • Phase one - Furness Street to Derwent Way.
  • Phase two - Derwent Way to Hampton Street
  • Phase three - Hampton Street to Boundary Road


Phase one started construction in 2013 and was completed in 2014. This phase included an off road Multi Use Path and full ditch enclosures.


The Ewen Avenue phase two project started in 2015 and is expected to continue until the summer of 2017. This phase includes full ditch enclosures, underground electrical work, utility upgrades, full roadway reconstruction and streetscape beautification. 

Currently crews are working on final restoration and final paving to be completed by the end of summer 2017, weather dependent.


The Streetscape design for Phase Three is nearing completion. Construction is anticipated to start in the fall of 2017 and be complete by fall 2018.


Project Contact

For more information, please contact Amir Aminpour at 604.515.3796 or email