Sapperton Transportation Plan
The City of New Westminster is launching a transportation study for the Sapperton/Massey-Victory Heights neighbourhoods.

The 2016 Transportation Team Work Plan required staff to develop the Sapperton Transportation Plan with a focus around safety and livability. The study area encompassed the Sapperton-McBride and Massey-Victory Heights neighbourhoods, with a three step approach:

  1. The Royal Columbian Hospital Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA)
  2. Other Sapperton developments servicing plan
  3. Neighbourhood transportation safety and livability plan

In October 2016, the project kicked off with the ‘listen and learn’ workshop held at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall with over 60 people in attendance. Valuable feedback was gathered, and has been collated in a Workshop #1 Summary Report. This information forms the basis for the future improvements that are identified within the study area.

In Spring 2017, Workshop #2 with the community will be used to verify evaluation criteria, present findings from the analysis/ modelling, and review preliminary options being proposed by the consultants. Please keep an eye on this page for project developments and dates for the next workshops.


Workshop 1 Summary Report

Workshop 1 boards

Council Report (March 6, 2017)

Study area map