Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan

Project Objective: To develop a plan to enhance safety and livability of the Connaught Heights neighbourhood


The Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan was approved by Council on Monday, March 12, 2018.

To view the Council Report and Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan please click HERE (Item #19).

Construction of the traffic calming measures outlined in the Plan will occur over time, and is anticipated to begin in 2018. Temporary treatments may be used in the interim to provide staff the opportunity to assess and fine-tune the designs, and ensure the measures are effective prior to constructing the permanent features. A full implementation strategy and timelines is provided in Section 3.0 of the Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan.


In the late 1990s traffic calming measures were implemented in Connaught Heights to address concerns raised by residents and businesses. The City revisited the plan to ensure the measures put in place were serving the needs of the community and facilitated safe travel for all modes of transportation.

In 2016, staff began working with residents and businesses in the community to review the existing conditions in Connaught Heights. Two workshops (December 2016, June 2017) were held gathering input on concerns and potential short term measures for improvements in the neighbourhood. A public open house was held in October 2017 with recommended changes for traffic calming in the neighbourhood. Recommended changes and new traffic calming measures were identified for Connaught Heights and approved by Council in March 2018. Construction of the short-, medium- and long-term measures outlined in the plan are anticipated to begin in 2018 and continue over a number of years. 

All event materials and summaries are available below.

New Sidewalk and pedestrian crossings on twenty-first street

As part of the feedback received by residents, there was an overwhelming desire to improve pedestrian accessibility and safety to the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station, specifically along Twenty-First Street. As a result the City has prepared a design for a new sidewalk, crossings, and improved street lighting for Twenty-First Street between Seventh Avenue and London Street. Construction of the project began in late 2017 and will be completed early in 2018.

What about the 22nd Street Skytrain station Plan?

Through work on the Official Community Plan (OCP), it was identified that a detailed master plan was needed for the 22nd Street Station Area Master Plan. A more extensive transportation study will be completed as part of that master plan process. For more information on the master plan process visit To receive updates on the 22nd Street Master Plan sign-up on the mailing list.


Workshop #1 (December 2016)

Workshop #1 Summary Report

Workshop #2 Presentation Boards

Workshop #2 Summary Report (June 2017)

Open House Materials (October 2017)

Open House Summary Report (December 2017)

Report to Council - Item #19 (March 12, 2018)

Connaught Heights Traffic Calming Plan (March 2018)