New West Skatepark

New Westminster Parks and Recreation staff have engaged skatepark users, stakeholder groups, as well as the broader community in designing and selecting a site for the new skate facility in a three-phase consultation process. A bowl-style destination skate facility, designed for all ages and abilities, will be constructed at the decommissioned tennis courts (former reservoir site) beginning in June 2018.  

Project Update

Further to City Council’s April 9, 2018 consideration of sites related to the relocation of the Mercer Stadium skatepark, it has been determined that it is feasible to locate the new skatepark in Queen’s Park at the location of the former reservoir.  The City will be proceeding immediately with finalizing the design for the new skatepark and it is anticipated site preparations will commence within the next 6 weeks.


Planning for the new skatepark will take place in phases throughout 2017/2018. We’ll be using the feedback we get to shape and refine the project along the way. Once we have a final concept, we will take it to City Council for approval and aim to start construction by Spring 2018.

Phase 1 - Gathering Ideas
March - May 2017

Phase 2 - Exploring early concepts
June - September 2017



Phase 3 - Confirming a preferred concept
October 2017 - April 2018



Council Report - November 6, 2017 (page 235)

Council Report - June 12, 2017 (page 422)



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