Wood Street Pump Station

Update – March 2018

Progress with the new pump station is coming along! This past month we have installed densification piles on the river side and completed the cofferdam in order to install the box culvert. In the coming weeks we aim to complete the concrete structure of the new pump station, the box culvert and make significant progress with the electrical and mechanical components.

Project Overview

The Wood Street Drainage Pump Station, built in 1976, is one of four perimeter drainage pump stations located in Queensborough. The replacement of the pump station is required due to the aging pumps and structure as well as increasing pump capacity to accommodate community urbanization and population growth. The new pump station will be constructed adjacent to the existing station and it will include new pumps, new electrical and control building with decorative metal cladding and green roof, viewing platform, generator and landscaping features.

As part of this project, the surrounding area adjacent to the pump station will be improved by 250 timber piles driven 10 meters below ground to densify potentially liquefiable deposits.

Construction Impact

During construction from August 2017 to spring 2018 there will be no access along the adjacent dike recreational trail in order to ensure pedestrian safety. Also, Wood Street access road, north of Boyd Street, will be closed during construction. If special consideration is required please contact the City’s project manager. We will endeavour to minimize disruptions, however, as with a project of this nature, some disruption is inevitable.

Conceptual rendering


If you have any questions please email Hooman Hedayatnassab at or call 604 515 3778.