Animal Shelter & Towing Service Office Replacement Project

Public Open House

Tuesday, November 14
5:00 - 7:00 pm
Queensborough Community Centre

Application for Development Permit - 420 Boyne Street

The applicant, City of New Westminster Buildings and Property Department, is seeking a Development Permit approval for the animal shelter and offices for City’s Towing Services at 420 Boyne St, Queensborough, New Westminster.

This open house is being held by the applicant to seek public input which will be included in their application to Council.

This Development Permit is related to the proposal to construct a new building at 420 Boyne Street with 6,900 square feet (641 square metres) of total floor space for the animal shelter and the offices for the towing service.

Representatives from the City will be present to answer questions. For more information on the project, please contact Glenn Peters at or Bob Tam at 604-669-9460.


The City of New Westminster will be constructing a new animal shelter, offices, and tow yard for the City's towing service on a portion of the property located at 420 Boyne Street.

The current animal shelter, located at 231 Ewen Avenue, was constructed in 1986 and serves as the administrative centre for both the City's animal services and vehicle towing operation. The current setup at the shelter is outdated and is not conducive to behavioural rehabilitation, disease containment, and adequately housing the growing number of animals that are taken in.

The new facility will meet best practices for animal welfare as well as provide space for other small animals such as rabbits, birds, and rodents. Increased office space will accommodate additional staff for both the shelter and the tow yard to better serve the public, as well shelter volunteers. 

Construction will start in spring 2018 with completion anticipated for early 2019.

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