Expo Tugger Removal & Replacement


Project Schedule

Project Task

Tugger Removal Complete
Deck Repairs and Electrical Works Complete
Tugger Replacement Installation - Tugboats, Barge and Sound Tubes November 2021
Project Completion Fall 2021


The City of New Westminster undertook the removal and replacement of the Tugger Pilot House located at 830 Quayside Drive along the Waterfront Esplanade in 2019. The structure had approached the end of its reasonable life cycle and was in decline due to significant structural corrosion and many years of heavy vandalism.

Staff have collaborated with Contexture Design to develop a design concept for the replacement of the Tugger Pilot House. The design concept is inspired by tugboats pulling a barge loaded with wood fibre, a common sighting along on the working riverfront in New Westminster.  The new design will continue to serve as an iconic placemaking feature and community gathering place on the riverfront, with a particularly memorable experience for children. This project was paused in spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but was restarted in April 2021 with completion anticipated in fall 2021.



Monday, March 11 2019 Regular Council Meeting - CONSENT Item 20: Quayside Tugger Pilot House: Removal and Replacement Project


If there are questions regarding this project please contact the City of New Westminster at 604-521-3711 or