Queensborough Historical Area Ditch Enclosure Feasibility Plan


The historical area of Queensborough is served by ditches that primarily drain towards the Wood Street pump station. This area has open ditches that run along Boyne Street, Pembina Street, Fenton Street and Johnston Street, between Ewen Avenue and Boyd Street.

FUnctional Plan SUmmary
In 2018, the City Engineering Department conducted a detailed analysis to examine the technical feasibility and phasing of enclosing the open ditches. The Ditch Enclosure Feasibility Plan looked to ensure the future drainage system functions with adequate grades, storage and capacity without creating ponding at low-lying properties. The plan also examined the readiness of the streets to incorporate enclosed ditches with a proper storm sewer system. 

As indicated on the map above the following phases are defined below: 

  • Phase 1: These ditch enclosures can be constructed as is with minimal, if any, re-grading required for the pipe installation and enclosure.
  • Phase 2: These ditch enclosures can be constructed but will require regrading of driveways and streets.  Private property may be required to facilitate overland drainage paths, driveway grades and minimize bumps along the proposed pipes.
  • Phase 3:  These ditch enclosures can only be constructed after the development and raising of adjacent properties. This is to ensure that properties can drain to the drainage system.

*Note: phasing was determined based on the current 2019 development conditions. 

Enclosing Ditches

For any property owners looking to enclose the ditch fronting their property, please refer to the Ditch Enclosure Application Process or contact Engineering Services at 604-527-4592 for more information.