Downtown Livability

What’s Happening:

A number of issues such as fires, vacant properties, the COVID-19 pandemic, and increased homelessness have impacted livability in New Westminster's downtown.  

The City of New Westminster is taking a compassionate approach and has an interdepartmental team working to accomplish these actions. External business and resident stakeholders are also being consulted.

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In September 2021, Council passed a motion to support livability, called the Downtown Recovery Strategy. You can read the full motion, here.

The City has developed a strategy that includes immediate and short term actions, endorsed by Council in October 2021. Read the report, here.

Longer term actions are undergoing analysis and future updates will provide additional information.

Areas of Focus:

There are five areas of focus for the immediate and short term actions. 

  1. Cleanliness and 24-hour public toilets
  2. Homeless outreach and added emergency shelter capacity
  3. Opioid epidemic and illicit drug response
  4. Business support and outreach
  5. Mental health response

Information / Resources:

To address specific items such as graffiti and garbage, you can familiarize yourself with the Nuisance Activity Reporting and Resource Guide at

Want to learn more about homelessness or the opioid crisis and what you, as a business operator, can do? Check out this resource page for links to recordings of sessions previously developed. 

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If your business is between 8th and 4th on Front or Columbia Streets, or if it is between 8th and 6th on Clarkson or Carnarvon Streets, you may be eligible for the biohazardous waste program. Please email for more info. 


NEW February 2023 Summary Update (PDF)

Presentation Boards from Downtown Livability Session Dec 5 2022 (PDF)

October 2022 Summary Update (PDF) 

January 2022 Summary Update (PDF)

November 2021 Summary Update (PDF)