Queensborough Ecological Restoration

The Parks and Recreation Department is working towards improvements of two natural areas in the Queensborough neighbourhood including:

  1. The green space adjacent to the Stanley Street Greenway (extending south of Ewen Ave. to the Fraser River foreshore); and
  2. The southern portion of Ryall Park (between Zazara field and South Dyke Rd.).

Location Map

The ecological restoration plans for these two areas will include:

  1. Removal and management of invasive plant species,
  2. Planting of indigenous plants and trees; and
  3. Enhancement of habitat areas   


Construction is anticipated to commence early in 2023


In addition to enhancing biodiversity in New Westminster and supporting the city’s Seven Bold Step for Climate Action, these restoration efforts will also provide improved opportunities for residents to access and experience nature in the city.

For additional information about this project, please contact:

Darren Miller at